Clinical Psychology

Clinical Psychologists are psychologists with a minimum of six years full-time university training. In order to become a member of the APS College of Clinical Psychologists two years of further supervision is required in the clinical field. In addition, the APS requires all college members to undertake professional development on a regular basis. The PsychologyWorks team regularly attend conferences and workshops to ensure they maintain a professional and innovative approach to assessment and treatment.

Clinical Services

The PsychologyWorks team provides a service delivery that includes both preventative programs and clinical interventions. Our practice provides a wide range of health, clinical and counselling psychology services.

Pain Management Services

PsychologyWorks has an interest in pain management and uses a biopsychosocial approach in the treatment of persistent pain.

Corporate Services

The PsychologyWorks team are able to provide a range of Employee Assistance Programs including individual counselling, trauma debriefing, workplace mediation, management consultation and facilitation/training services.

Group Services

The PsychologyWorks team offer a wide range of group programs that run regularly throughout the year.