Pain Management Services

PsychologyWorks has an interest in pain management and uses a biopsychosocial approach to assist with rehabilitation with clients. It is well known that a biopsychosocial approach is the best method for maximising recovery and minimising the likelihood of persistent pain developing. We focus on early identification of any barriers to recovery to assist with determining the most effective treatment approach.

PsychologyWorks offers a range of services to clients with persistent pain, including individual assessment and treatment as well as a cognitive behavioural pain management group program.

PsychologyWorks believes in a multidisciplinary approach in the management of clients with pain. We meet regularly with members of Pain Management Tasmania, which includes a pain management specialist, anaesthetist, and psychiatrist, in order to achieve maximum outcome for persistent pain clients.

The PsychologyWorks cognitive behavioural pain management group runs for 10 weeks and covers topics including:

  • Grief and Acceptance
  • Understanding Pain
  • Strategies for Managing Chronic pain
  • Sleep Disturbance in Chronic Pain
  • Stress Management
  • The Relaxation Response
  • Fitness, Exercise and Activity (conducted by a Physiotherapist)
  • Developing Hardy Thinking and Managing Depression
  • Relationships and Chronic Pain
  • Learning to Set New Life Goals